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Keeping your yard healthy and looking good is a time-consuming job. Landscaping, cultivating flowers, mowing, and more are all required for a lush lawn. Often the only things on your property you don’t have to worry about are the trees. However, if you notice any of your trees beginning to look unhealthy on your Katy property, taking quick action is essential if you want to save them before it’s too late. Pro Pest offers tree management services to treat your trees and protect them from a variety of factors that may put them at risk.

Our Tree Management Service Offerings

moss on a tree trunk

Several factors can play a role in causing a tree to be unhealthy or die. In Katy, live oaks and pecan trees are two of the most common to experience problems, but they’re not the only ones. If any tree on your property is struggling, Pro Pest may be able to help.

Moss is often a culprit in harming trees. It will grow up the tree, smothering it in the process. Carpenter ants and wood-boring beetles are also common problems in trees. They harbor inside the tree, eventually killing it from the inside out. Similarly, webworms are often tied to tree problems.

If one of these issues is causing your tree problems, we offer tree management services to help. Taking about ten minutes per tree, we use a trailer with custom spraying to treat the tree with a product designed for the particular problem it is experiencing.

Keep Your Trees Healthy With Pro Pest

If the trees on your property are experiencing problems and you’re not sure why, contact Pro Pest. Our services save trees from various pests and other natural factors that can kill them if not eliminated.

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