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Protect your Katy, TX Home From Harmful Termites

Termites may spend their time out of sight and out of mind with respect to the average Katy homeowner, but that doesn’t mean they’re innocently sitting around just because you can’t see them. When termites get into your house, they aren’t likely to come out in the open, but they are 100% likely to cause damage to your house while they’re there. Termites spend their time eating away at wooden structures, and when those wooden structures are holding your home up, you can understand why they’re a pest that’s best kept out of your house.

If you have reason to believe that termites are already in your house, or if you want to make sure they never get inside, Pro Pest can help. We have over 20 years of experience protecting homes from termite infestations through our termite control services.

Our Termite Control Offerings

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Free Inspection

Our free termite inspections will determine if termites are active, or have ever been active, in your house. We’ll inspect the full interior and exterior, from the attic to the crawlspace, looking for activity, damage, tunnels, pinholes, and any signs of prior termite damage. 


We offer several treatment methods and will make recommendations on what we feel will be the most effective course of action for your home based on what we find during your inspection.

  • Liquid treatments: Our liquid treatments treat your entire foundation with a liquid termiticide. We also use liquids to spot treat the areas where we find termite activity.
  • Bait stations: We can place bait stations in the soil around the perimeter of your house. We monitor these stations for termite activity regularly.
  • Barrier treatments: Our barrier treatments go all around the foundation of your home, loosening the soil and drilling holes into the concrete, if necessary. We’ll then apply the product into the holes and in the soil.
  • Wood treatments: Inside your house, if we have access to the wood inside the walls, we’ll spray a treatment that bonds with the wood and eliminates termites when they eat it.
  • Pre-construction treatments: Before your house is built, we will treat the slab prior to the concrete being poured.

Warrantied Service To Protect Your Katy, TX Home From Wood-Destroying Insects

All of our termite control services include a one-year warranty. After a year, we’ll return to your home to perform an inspection to make sure your home is still fully protected from termites. This warranty is renewable on an annual basis and is transferable. If your home currently has no termite protection, it’s time to do something about it. Contact Pro Pest to schedule your free termite inspection today.

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