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Built in the 1970s, Pecan Grove, TX is a beautiful, master-planned community in Richmond, a lovely suburb of Houston. Pecan Grove is aptly named after all the pecan trees growing in the area, and it’s truly a wonderful place to call home. However, pests are also eager to settle down here in Pecan Grove, meaning our properties are put in harms’ way. To protect your home or business from pest infestation, we highly recommend relying on a team of qualified pest professionals. 

Pro Pest offers complete pest solutions to homes and businesses throughout Fort Bend County and the surrounding areas. Our locally owned and family operated company has been a trusted name in pest control since 1999. We’re proud to offer organic treatment options, and a pest-free guarantee, bringing you the quality results you’re looking for. Call us today to discuss your residential and commercial pest control needs. We’ll schedule your free, no obligation inspection right away.

Home Pest Control In Pecan Grove, TX

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The team at Pro Pest is here to keep the peace in your Pecan Grove home. Our residential pest control services give local homeowners continued pest protection they can trust. Our process starts with a full interior and exterior inspection wherein we identify pest activity, present damage, entry points, and conducive conditions. Then, we design a treatment plan catered to your needs and your house. Our treatments cover:

  • Thorough indoor and outdoor treatments.
  • Baseboards and eaves of the house.
  • All cracks, crevices, and entry points.
  • Under sinks and exterior flower beds.
  • Around windows and doors, and the exterior foundation.
  • Barrier protection to prevent future pest entry.
  • Specialty service offerings for bed bug control, termite control, and tree management.

All our pest technicians are licensed with the Texas Structural Pest Control Board, and we undergo ongoing training to keep up with the latest and most up-to-date pest control technologies. Get in touch with us today to discuss your home pest control needs, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Commercial Pest Control In Pecan Grove, TX

To guard your business from pests, Pro Pest is here to protect you with quality commercial pest solutions. We start with a room-by-room inspection, focusing on problem areas like kitchens, bathrooms, cracks, crevices, and conducive conditions. Then we develop a treatment plan just for you. Our commercial pest control treatments include:

  • Initial treatment of interior and exterior.
  • Preventative treatments, such as rodent bait stations.
  • Structural and environmental modifications.
  • Follow-up services scheduled at your convenience.

Whatever kind of business you own here in Pecan Grove, it’s important to address your commercial pest control needs. We’ve serviced all kinds of facilities, including restaurants, bars, office buildings, apartment complexes, warehouses, daycares, doctor’s offices, and many others. Call today for your free estimate and inspection.

How To Avoid Ant Infestations In Pecan Grove

Ant infestations can be a real headache, seeing as they infest in large numbers and spread rapidly. That’s why it’s best to get ahead of the problem. You can take certain preventative measures around your home or business to reduce your chances of experiencing an ant infestation. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Eliminate access points by sealing all cracks and crevices around outside of the home.
  • Keep branches, trees, and bushes well-trimmed, and directed away from the house.
  • Maintain a high level of cleanliness, and practice proper sanitation.
  • Use a dehumidifier in damper areas of the house like basements, crawl spaces, and attics.

While these efforts can help, sometimes ants manage to get inside your property anyway. Before you know it, there are colonies all over the place. For guaranteed, year-round protection from ant activity, Pro Pest is here to help. Our ant control and prevention services keep you protected throughout the year. So, reach out to us today to get started.

Seven Signs You Might Have Termites In Your Pecan Grove Home

Termites cause large-scale destruction to your home, making it dangerous for you and your loved ones, not to mention expensive. It’s important to be able to detect termite activity as soon as possible to mitigate the spread of the infestation. Here are seven signs that you might have termites in your Pecan Grove Home:

  • Cast off wings of swarmer termites found near doors and windows.
  • Clicking sounds and munching noises coming from inside the walls.
  • Damaged wood that sounds hollow when you knock on it.
  • Piles of powder and wood shavings at burrowing sites.
  • Swarmer termites flying around in groups looking for places to nest.
  • “White ants” that are actually worker termites with cream-colored bodies.
  • Wood that is warped, moisture-damaged, or rotting.

If you suspect termite activity on your property, the best plan of action is to call the team at Pro Pest. Our team is here to deal with your termite situation, no matter the scale. Termite infestation is not something you can handle on your own, which is exactly why we’re here to deal with it for you. Call us today to learn more.

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