Gopher & Mole Control in Katy, TX

Are Pests Making Your Katy Lawn A Mess?

When it comes to what pests are most well-known for, people often think more about the pests that invade their homes or businesses that can cause property damage or spread illnesses, and less about the pests out in their yard. However, there are some pests that aren't likely to come inside but can still cause serious problems for home and business owners in Katy, TX. Gophers and moles are two such pests! These lawn pests can quickly make a mess of your lawn by digging tunnels and burrows all over your property.

Not only does this lead to unsightly dirt piles, cave-ins, and dead grass, but it can also be dangerous if someone accidentally steps in one of those holes. Furthermore, gophers love to eat the roots of plants and can destroy your garden while remaining out of sight. If gophers or moles are damaging your lawn, the experts at Pro Pest can help. We offer gopher and mole control services to eliminate these pests from your property so that you can avoid the threats and annoyances that go along with a gopher or mole infestation.

Gopher And Mole Control From Pro Pest

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At Pro Pest, we'll begin your service by performing a thorough inspection of your property. This examination helps us identify which pests are causing problems on your property and determine where their mounds or burrows are. The information we gather aids us in the successful elimination of your infestation.


During our treatment process, we'll use a fumigation machine to fumigate the mounds and burrows we identified during the inspection. This treatment eliminates the moles or gophers inside, stopping their destructive activities.


No follow-up service is necessary; however, our gopher and mole service does include a 30-day warranty. If you are still having trouble with gophers or moles in the 30 days following our treatment, we'll return to provide a free re-service.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy And Safe With Pro Pest

At Pro Pest, we understand the dangers of having a mole or gopher infestation on your Katy property. Our gopher and mole control service will get rid of these pests so your lawn can stay free of the problems these destructive animals cause. If gophers or moles have been making a mess of your lawn, contact us today to schedule your inspection!

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