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bed bug on mattress in bedroom

Why Can’t I Get These Bed Bugs Out Of My Katy Home?

February 15, 2021

When it comes to bed bugs, you don’t need to lose sleep over an infestation in your Katy home. It may be tempting to try and handle the problem on your own, but there are many reasons why it wouldn’t be a practical solution.... Read More

house mouse in a house

What Every Katy Homeowner Ought To Know About Mice

January 15, 2021

Mice are a common threat to homes everywhere throughout the United States, including the great city of Katy. Sadly, many property owners don’t know enough about these rodents, including how dangerous they can be. So what do homeowners need to know about mice and the threats they pose?... Read More

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The Best Way To Deal With Rodents In Your Katy Home

December 15, 2020

Katy, TX is incredible for suburban living and raising a family. Museums, lakes, and parks all make for great outdoor getaways with the kids. Unfortunately, many pests love this city as much as humans do, including rodents. Mice and rats are common home-invading rodents in the area.... Read More

a flea on skin jumping

How Fleas Get Into Katy Homes

November 13, 2020

Fleas really, really want to be your best friend. But their love is a one-way street. They’re all take and no give. In fact, fleas are downright dangerous to humans. So how do these minute menaces get into your Katy home? There are many ways fleas can find their way into your house. Learn how fleas spread and what to do if you develop a flea problem in Katy.... Read More

a bed bug on human skin

How To Tell If Your Katy Home Has Bed Bugs      

October 15, 2020

It’s true that bed bugs are a big problem for communal living spaces, but did you know you can also get bed bugs in your home? Many Katy homeowners might not be aware of the signs of bed bugs until the problem has gotten out of control. Learn about bed bugs so you can spot their activity quickly and seek professional pest control services.... Read More


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