Bees are most active during the warmer months of the year. They invade houses in order to establish new colonies and to find shelter. Scout bees will fly around a building, looking for entry points. Usually, these are holes in the mortar of brick walls, in ventilation holes (weep holes) and under tiles on roofs etc. They do not fly far from a previous colony, and it is not unusual to see a swarm of bees settle on a house in just a few seconds.

This is why bee jobs are considered to be an emergency, as many people are allergic to their stings, some severely. They are not naturally aggressive except when defending an established hive. People normally get stung by bees when they step on, lean on or pick them off their clothing. Walking within their flight path can agitate them, as will fast and jerky movements near the hive.

WARNING: DIY bee and wasp control can be dangerous. Call a professional exterminator near you to get the pest control you need.