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If you enjoy spending time on your Katy, TX property, then you don't want pests like stinging insects getting in the way every time you go outside. Bees are common pests in Katy, TX and they can be dangerous since they will sting when provoked. Although a painful and unfortunate experience for anyone who experiences a bee sting, these stinging insects are especially dangerous to people who have an allergy to bee stings. In fact, for some people, a bee sting can prove fatal, so it's important to take these pests seriously.

Getting rid of bees from your property can be tricky for a couple of reasons. First, it's dangerous to try to get rid of bees on your own; if they sense danger, you could quickly end up with a swarm of angry bees. Second, different types of bees require specific kinds of treatments to successfully eliminate them. Pro Pest has over 20 years of experience protecting Katy homes and businesses from bee problems. We can safely and thoroughly eliminate your infestation so that you can spend time outdoors without fear.

Bee Control From Pro Pest

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In order to effectively treat your bee problem, we first need to identify the species of bee that you're dealing with. The three most common types of bees in our area are honey bees, carpenter bees, and killer bees. All of these bees can sting and are potentially dangerous, but not all are equally problematic. 

Carpenter bees are a problem because they bore holes into buildings and wooden structures. For example, you'll often find them boring into deck wood. Although it takes time for them to cause significant damage, they can weaken a wooden structure's strength over time which makes them a serious problem.

Killer bees are a honey bee hybrid and are much more aggressive than your typical honey bee. They can chase people for over a quarter of a mile if aggravated or disturbed. This aggressive behavior is how they got their name.


Once we identify the bee species, we'll provide you with the treatment that will most effectively eliminate your problem. We perform spot treatments and dusting for all three species, but the locations where we treat depend on the type of bee. We treat honey bees and killer bees at their hives and carpenter bees in their boring holes.

Our treatments take approximately 30 minutes to complete, depending on the size of the infestation and where the treatment is necessary. No follow-up is required, but the treatment does include a 30-day re-treatment warranty. If your bee problem does not go away, we will return to re-treat it at no additional cost.

Enjoy Your Property Without The Threat Of Bees With Pro Pest

If bees are making it hard to spend time outside on your property, it's time to do something about them. Pro Pest has the knowledge and skill needed to solve your bee problem safely and completely. Don't let bees to put your family, employees, or customers at risk. Whether you need bee control for your home or business, contact Pro Pest today!

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