Ants are social insects that live in nests. The nests vary in size, depending on their age and the species of ant. They are generally found in the ground, in wood or under rocks, although ants can also nest in walls, fireplaces, under paths and in buildings. They are most active from October to March.

Ants are a very successful insect group with over 1,200 species. All species can be beneficial to the environment. Some eat insect pests, such as termites, their nests improve the soil, they quickly recycle nutrients back into the soil and they are food for a wide range of native birds, reptiles and other small animals.

Although ants are environmentally important, some can also be pests to people. Their nests and the ants themselves may be considered unsightly and they may kill or damage seeds or seedlings. Some ants bite or sting, eg. the bull ant.

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